About us

FFB Fine Factory Brancaccio

FFB Fine Factory Brancaccio is born from the company F.lli Brancaccio Spa, a historic company founded in 1967 by Gennaro Brancaccio, a well-known Neapolitan entrepreneur who made the history of haberdashery.

Donato, one of the members of the F.lli Brancaccio Spa, has given life to the new venture together with his daughters Federika and Francesca with the idea of overturning the world of haberdashery with innovative and creative articles. We are always looking for new ideas to give full satisfaction to our customers.


Sweet Trims

Sweet Trims Our brand, known throughout Europe, is also rooting in Turkey, India and China, emerging markets that always offer new ideas for those who make the entrepreneurial spirit their life's mission.

Our state-of-the-art production systems, our being a "step" in front of our competitors, our ability to discover new commercial frontiers, and the desire to improve ourselves day after day are the elements that, as attested by the full satisfaction of the our custmers, make us unique in our sector.

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